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EM Memberships (coming soon)

EM is currently building membership for our Adventures, Community Classes and "The For Giving Project". If you would like to find out more, or volunteer, you can email Mike Dardzinski


Adventure Membership

EM explores and creates adventures right in your own "backyard". We highlight 6 areas in our communities for you to experience (Nature, Animals, Family, Teams, Youth & Seniors). 



Community Classes

This membership partners with passionate people from the community to teach others while treasuring every moment. Our classes are unique and include tailored curriculum from our themes that are written by an Every Moment staff. 


The For Giving Project

The For Giving Project is passionate about helping those in need while advocating the importance of forgiveness. We started this project with the belief that everyone has something to give to someone. We are made to be giving and when we eperience unforgiveness we hold back from others. This is where we come in. The For Giving Project finds needs that people in our community have and organizes the people to accomplish a project. At the same time we share real stories of people who have chosen forgiveness and are giving to others again.

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